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Facilities(Physical Facilities & Infrastructure)
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Infrastructure of the College
Total Land Area of the College : 16.74 Acres

Build up area : 3 lakh sq.ft.(Approx)

Recently Govt. of Orrisa has alloted another land area of 2 Acres located adjacent to the present site



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Teaching/ Learning

No. of Class Room 50   No. Of Tutorial Room Nill
Chemistry Labs. 08   Geology Labs 06
Physics Labs. 07   Computer Labs. With internet facilities in 04 08
On-line system dass room 01   Computer Lab, Commerce department 01
Zoology Labs. (with one AC instrumentation room & an AC Research Lab.) 04   Biotechnology Unit (With Tissue culture Laboratory, 01 Microbiology Lab. & 01 central Instrumentation Lab.) 01
Botany Labs.& a Research laboratory 07   Wi-fi facility is available in BCA Lab 01
Number of Seminar Rooms 10   Number of Conference Rooms 02
Number of Committee Rooms 01      



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Hostel Building for Boys of strength 310 02   Hostel Building for Girls 0f strength 185 02
       The College has five hostels to provide accommodation to the outside students - Radhakrishnan Hostel, +2 Hostel, Swami Vivekananda Memorial Hostel, R.C.M. P.G. Hostel and Jhansi Rani Hostel.

General Rules :
  1. Principal is the Chief Warden of all Hostels.
  2. Admission to the hostel is made for one session only.
  3. The selection of the students is done purely on merit basis. It is made in accordance with the provisions for admission laid down in the Government prospectus and also with the rules framed by the Residential Committee.
  4. Students who seek admission to the College and want to stay in hostel have to submit an application to the Principal or indicate their option on the admission application submitted in the College to the effect that they desire to stay to the hostel. Students who have already taken admission in a hostel during the previous session and also want to continue in the hostel as boarders in the current session have to apply to the Principal through the Superintendent of the concerned hostel. Admission in the subsequent session cannot be claimed as a matter of right; but is subject to review of conduct, discipline etc.
  5. Students selected for admission to a hostel have to pay necessary fees and fill up the required documents in the hostel office before they are actually permitted by the Superintendent for admission. They are required to submit a copy of their latest passport size photograph duly attested by a gazetted officer at the time of admission to the hostel.
  6. Local students are not eligible to apply for a seat in the hostel.
  7. During summer vacation, the boarders of all hostels are to leave the hostels and besides, in times of emergency the boarders will vacate the hostels at short notice from concerned authorities.
  8. There will be no election in the hostels for various student office bearers. Instead, nominations for the Council of Ministers will be made by the Superintendents, class-wise on the basis of merit, taking into consideration the participation of the student in different co-curricular activities such as sports, games, drama, mess-management etc. Such members will form the executive committee Assignment of responsibilities to different members of the executive committee lies with the Superintendent/Asst. Superintendent in consultation with the Principal.
  9. A student who discontinues to appear at the examination will not be allowed to continue in hostel.
  10. Each boarder must take meals in the hostel mess on payment.
  11. Allotment of seats in the hostel is purely at the discretion of the Superintendent.
  12. At the time of leaving the hostel, the boarders shall be required to return in good condition all the materials supplied to them. Their caution money will be refunded only after the Superintendent receives back the materials in good conditions, otherwise necessary recoveries will be made out of the caution money. The transfer certificate cannot be issued from the College unless he/she produces no dues certificate from the hostel. All the final year boarders only are to be issued clearance from the hostel at the end of the session. Other boarders need not be issued clearance at the end of the session and may be allowed to continue in the next session.
  13. Admission fees for the hostel, annual charges establishment charges and other fees for the hostel are to be deposited in the office of the Superintendent. These charges are subject to change from time to time with the approval of the Residential Committee. A detailed account of the fees of the hostel can be ascertained from the Superintendent.
  14. The use of the extra electric appliances is strictly prohibited. Contravention of this rule will make a boarder liable to expulsion from the hostel and this will automatically mean expulsion from the College also, on ground of misconduct.
  15. Electricity and water charges as fixed by the respective authorities to be divided equally among all the boarders on roll during the month for which the bill is drawn.
  16. Any temporary servant employed in the hostel will be paid his consolidated salary out of the establishment fund.
  17. No boarder shall be permitted to take his meals in any part of the hostel, except the room set for that purpose by the hostel authority.
  18. Leave of absence from the hostel must, in all cases, be obtained in advance from the hostel Superintendent.
  19. If a boarder overstays the leave granted to him, he has to bring a satisfactory written explanation from his parent or guardian to that effect, failing which he will be liable to disciplinary action deemed fit.
  20. Forbidden practices for Boarders : The following practices are forbidden in the hostels :
    • The use of harmful drugs, intoxicants or tobacco.
    • The use of playing cards or any form of gambling.
    • The introduction into the hostel of any person not authorised by the Superintendent.
    • Bringing of papers or periodicals and books not on the list approved by the Government into the hostel common room, library or rooms.
    • Signing or playing of musical instruments except during hours authorised by the Superintendent.
    • Holding of any meeting except with approval of the Superintendent.
    • Lobbying and campaigning in any form which leads to concerted action.
    • Tampering with electric lines.
  21. No boarders will be allowed to go for private tuitions during study hours. He must be present in his seat during study hours.
  22. No student is allowed to keep guests without written permission from the Superintendent.
  23. Acts of misconduct, infringement of hostel rules, observance of forbidden practices, affliction of communicable disease and other forbidden activities which are detrimental to discipline and administration of the hostel and College will make a boarder liable to be expelled.
  24. The boarders are required to observe personal cleanliness and develop an attitude to keep the hostel premises tidy. The hours 7 P.M. to 9 P.M. constitutes study hours every day except Saturday. The hostel gate will remain closed during this period and no outsider will be allowed to enter the hostel premises. The hostel gate will be finally closed at 11 P.M. after which no one will be permitted to enter the hostel. Absence during 6 P.M. to 5 A.M. without prior permission will be treated as unauthorised absence and disciplinary action will be taken against such activities.
Beside the general rules prescribed for the residents of the hostels, the following are additional rules for the residents of Jhansi Rani Ladies Hostel / S.V.N. P.G. Ladies Hostel Rules for Jhansi Rani Hostel / S.V.N. P.G. Ladies Hostel :
  • With due permission of Superintendent, guardians/relatives of boarders may see their daughters/wards during such hours as fixed by Superintendent.
  • Only boarders alone are ordinarily permitted to enter the hostel premises. Each boarder must state in hostel admission form a list of likely visitors (two in number) and name of the local guardian, parents, local guardian and only those visitors whose names are given in the admission form by the parents are entitled to visit their wards during the visiting hours i.e. from 4 P.M. to 6 P.M.. No visitor will be allowed after 6 P.M. The visitors should sign their names in visitors book each time they come. Each time permission should be obtained both by the visitor and the boarder from the Hostel Superintendent.
Study Hours :
  • Study hours shall be from 7 A.M. to 9 A.M. and 6-30 P.M. to 8-30 P.M.
  • No resident should remain absent from her room or visit other rooms during the study hours.
  • If a student has classes during the study hours in the morning, she has to intimate timing of such classes to the Superintendent in advance.
Visitors Visiting Hours :
  • Boarders are required to submit the names of the local guardians and names of three male visitors approved by their parents or guardian together with the specimen signature of the local guardian and approved visitors.
  • Approved visitors are allowed to visit their wards between 4 P.M. to 6 P.M.
  • Parent/Legal guardian (if the father is dead) can visit their wards between 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. If they want to visit their wards during other periods, in case of urgency, they have to take prior permission from the Superintendent before visiting the wards.
  • Visitors are to sign the visitor book maintained at the gate.
  • No visitor will be allowed beyond the approved hours and if any resident is found to entertain such visitors, it will be viewed seriously.
Guest Rules : No guest is allowed to stay in the hostel without the permission of the Principal.
Gate Timings :
  • The main gate of the hostel will remain open from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M. only. No exit or entry from 6 P.M. to 6 A.M. will be allowed.
  • All residents should be in the hostel after 6 P.M. till 6 A.M. Absence from the hostel during these hours without permission of the Superintendent is strictly prohibited and will be treated as an act of indiscipline. Attendance in hostel will be marked at 6-30 P.M.
  • Hostel gate will be locked at 6 P.M. and shall not be opened without the permission of the Superintendent. Leave of Absence : No resident will be allowed to leave the hostel without letter of authority from the parent or legal guardian.
Hostel Fees (applicable to all) :
  • Annual charges 350/-
  • Mess caution money 800/- (refundable)
  • Establishment charge 150/- per month
  • Electricity and water charges (Actual)
  • Development fee : Rs, 200/- (at the time of 1st admission)
  • Electrical maintenance fee Rs. 100/- per annum
  • Magazine Fee - Rs 50/- (Blind students are exempted from payment of seat rent)



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Seating Capacity of Libray readingr 120   Number of Journals Subscribed 17,147 +
Number of Books in the Library 1,30,006 +   Number of Multimedia Literature 211
Internet Facility with Computers 16  
      Library of a College or University is an essential part of it, contributing to the scholarly pursuits and dissemination of knowledge. The library of this College is one of the oldest in the state with more than one lakh books including many collections kept in Reference section.

General Rules :
  1. The Library remains open from 10-00 A.M. to 4-00 P.M. on all working days.
  2. Printed materials (other than those, which are expected to be returned to the library) are not allowed inside the Library. Such materials are to be deposited at the property counter at the gate and token be asked for.
  3. Only the staff and students of the College and persons with the special permission of the Principal may use the Library. Students should get themselves registered before they apply for loan of books.
  4. Persons, even if otherwise qualified for admission into the Library shall not be admitted into the Library premises, if they are not of sound mind. Members of staff are not allowed to bring friends inside the Library without prior permission.
  5. Unauthorised persons forcing their way into the Library will be turned out of the Library by the Library staff. Only staff members have access to the shelves with permission from the Library staff.
  6. The Library premises shall be used only for reading or consulting books and periodicals of the Library. Smoking and use of any intoxicant inside the Library is prohibited.
  7. All those who happen to be inside the Library or in its neighborhood are expected to observe strict silence.
  8. Every student is required to enroll himself in the library after submitting a copy of the passport size photograph and producing the identity card duly signed by the Principal showing his class and roll number. Library cards will be given to the borrowers only on production of which can they be issued books. When it is lost a duplicate Library Card will be issued on payment of a fine of Re. 0-50 paise.
  9. Borrowers must examine the condition of the books at the time of issue. Otherwise they will be held responsible for the damages discovered later at the time of returning. In case of loss of the books, three times the cost of the books which are out of print and out of market or the present price of the books which are available in the market should be realised. It must be insisted that books be replaced as far as practicable. If the lost book is one of a set or series, the cost of the whole set or three times the cost of the whole set as the case may be will be realised from the borrower.
  10. No book should be taken out of the library without the knowledge of the library staff and until it has been properly issued.
  11. Books shall be returned within the period allowed. The time limit for student borrowers is 15 days. For student borrowers who fail to return the book after the time specified, a fine of 10 paise will be charged per day per copy kept overtime. This fine of ten paise per day will be charged till the expiry of 30 days or a month from the due date of return. When it exceeds one month, a fine of Rs. 5/- per month per book will be levied.
  12. All the library books shall be returned by the staff concerned who proceed on study leave.
  13. When the date of return of book falls on a holiday, it should be returned to library on the next working day. If the borrower keeps the book in his or her possession for more than the time allowed, in addition to the fine imposed, no more books shall be issued to him or her till the books issued are returned and the fine paid. In extreme cases the privilege of using the library may be denied to such persons.
  14. All library books in the possession of the borrower should be returned to the library before the College closes for a long vacation or before the date notified for the purpose. No staff or student will be allowed to have book in his or her possession during the summer vacation.
  15. Whosoever has library book in his or her possession should return to the library whenever he or she receives requisition from the librarian for the return of the book.
  16. All the library books have to be returned before a student fills up the form for the Term End Examination and a clearance is to be obtained to that effect.
  17. A book once issued to a borrower, may be reissued to him or her, only when nobody else wants to take the book.
  18. The maximum number of books to be issued to different categories of students is as follows :
    1. Postgraduate students (2 books from College library and 2 books from seminar library) 4 each
    2. Students of undergraduate classes 4 each
  19. Reference books, Maps, Atlas, University Calendar, Periodicals, Course of study, Question papers are not to be issued for use out of the Library without special permission from the Principal. Books on specific subject will be issued only to the teaching staff of the concerned departments and students.
  20. Although all the books in the library are available for authorised users, the Principal has the right to stop the issue of any book to all or some intending borrowers. Text books will in no case be issued to any except the member of the staff teaching the subjects.
  21. Fines/Cost recovery relating to library are to be deposited at the College counter and the money receipt should be presented before the librarian for verification.
  22. C.L.C./Mark Sheets will not be issued to students unless a clearance certificate is received from the Librarian.
Reading Room :
  1. The reading room will be kept open during the working hours of the College.
  2. Only students of the College can use the reading room on production of their identity card.
  3. The reading room is meant for reading or to consult books, periodicals, journals etc. Sleeping eating, smoking etc. in the reading room are strictly prohibited.
  4. The rule of silence should be strictly observed by those who are in the reading room.
  5. Periodicals, Magazines placed on the table should not be shifted from place to place. No page should be torn or any thing be written on periodicals.
  6. No printed material (s) other than the note books is allowed inside the reading room.
  7. Misuse of the reading room will be considered as a serious breach of College discipline.
  8. The reading room will be managed by a member of the staff, nominated by the Principal.
Internet Facility
  1. 16 Computers with internet facility is available in the library for the use of student and staff.



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ICT Infrastructure

Number of Computer Centers 05   Number of PIV or higher PCs 110
Number of LAN Terminals 32   Wi-Fi Connection NA
Type & Speed of Internet Connectivity Broadband 64Kbps      



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Teaching Tools/Aids

Number of TV 01   Number of LCDs 10
Number of OHPs 08   Number of VCP/VCR nill



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Auditorium 01  

Room for Vice Principal

Sports Facilities(Foot Ball, Hockey, Cricket, Table Tennis, Basket Ball, Hand Ball, Volley Ball) Yes   Separate rooms for College Office: Establishment Section, Academic and Finance Section.  
Indoor Games (Table Tennis, Badminton etc.) Yest   Air COnditioned Chamber of the Controller of Examinations  
Gymnasiums 01   AC Central Valuation Hall  
Galleries 06   Rooms For Examination Section  
Departmental Faculty Rooms 18   Student Common Room  
HOD Chambers (With Comoputer and Internet Connections) 18   Air Conditioned Principal's Chamber  

A two storeyed big building located in front of this College presently provides accomodation to +2 junior College


01 Geological Museum,

01 Anthropological Museum &

01 Zoological Museum-cum-Laboratory.

Arrangement of Fire extinguishers in each department/ sessions     Canteen For Student 01
Cafeteria 01   Transport Facility for student
Guest House     Number of Cubicles/ Rooms for 09
Building for Bank and PostOffice 01   Botanical garden  
Parking area for cycles & two wheelers     No. of Staff Quarters 06
Water Coolers 01   Room for NCC/ NSS/ Red Cross  
A large playground with Indoor Stadium and Gym.     All the PG department and the Central library have been provided with a computer and Internet Connections.  
IGNOU Study Centre        



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